Thrasher Magazine Interview - 1994

Like it or not, RKL is back in full force with Jason at the helm. Their ever-present crushing grind will pierce your ears, so you better get a tattoo to go with it. Grunge is dead! -Jamie Jak

What is the new stuff like?

Jason: No more of that funk rock a doodle doo shit.
Barry: More RKL-style thrash with a nineties' edge to it.
Chris: I don't know, I just work here.
Joe: A whop babba looba a bop bam boop.

What's with the "Eat Shit" tattoo on Jason's butt?

Jason: It's all a part of my master plan. No deep-rooted talent, just great gimmicks to please the crowd. I could be a good salesman or a clown.

So you've got pins in your face and puke on stage, any other gimmicks?

Chris: I have only one eye-brow. I'm a member of the uni-brow alliance. Uni-brows unite! The pluckers must be exposed!
Joe: I'm having my nose re-broken and chunks of bone carved out of my face! Look for it in the new video.
Barry: I do things that GG didn't have the guts to do. Fuckin' wimp.
Dave: I eat Jack in the Box.

Do you guys skate?

Joe: Constantly.
Jason: On thin ice.
Chris: I shred.
Barry: Yeah, lettuce.
Dave: I skated down to Jack in the Box once when my van wouldn't start.
Barry: I couch surf.

Where's the bandwagon going from here?

Barry: After the new frisbee comes out, Europe in the fall and hopefully the States and we really want to hit Japan and maybe Australia.