Riches To Rags

Rich Kids On LSD
Jason Sears
Chris Rest
Barry D'Live
Joe Raposo
Dave Raun
Other Guit

Recorded at the Music Annex July-August 1994
Produced and Engineered by Pat Coughlin
Second Engineered by Carlos Donohue
Photography, Design and Layout by Jesse Fishcer
Technical Guru Dan Levin
Cover Boarder Art by Jeff Rassier
All songs written by R.K.L.
This Record Is Dedicated To The Memory of Will Knutila R.I.P.

Special Thanks in no particular order: Mr Brett, Gina, Jeff and all at Epitaph, Dave Pollack, Archie and the destiny doods, Petra, Frieder, Adam in Copenhagen, Pat Coughlin, Carlos Donohue (Consuela), Isaac Camner, Adam Kendall, All bars we dwell at, all the familias, Liz Fairbairn, Dave Brokie and Gwar, X-Cops, Lil Mike, Dog Patch Winos, Jake Team, Jesse Fischer, Squat, Ron Quintana, Rocker Guitars, Die Terror Gruppe, Jeff Rassier, 539 Scott St., Bill Gould and Faith No More, Christine, Jasonson, NOFX, Lil Damon, Miles, Jingo De Lunch, Dwane Ward, Jamie Jak, Lag Wagon, Dave Scardinas, Asti, Rancid, Tammy Bracken-Talbot, Osgood Slaughter R.I.P., Mariah, The Stern Bros., Embryo Killers, Kevin S.R.H., Hot Rod Shopping Cart, Mark Curry, Nicole Busse-Ward, The Meatmen, Kirsten, Sean the Dog, Lisa S.D., Chris Curry, No Use For A Name, Ran Mantegani, Amy and the Fleiss family, Doug Carlson, Re-Todd Kent, Mock, Blochie, Subterranean Kids, Alberto, Terri, Roy, Archie, Jesse Reiner, Sherrie, Jerry, Lello and Sarah, Mike Fox, Beer, Steve Papoutsis, Mo, all our dead relatives, Siana, everyone at Langner Amps, Alethia, Mario, J.B., Ded Ted, S.N.F.U., Becky Braner, Pennywise, Gary Indiana, all the people who help carry shit, Schlumpfe, Super Pussy R.I.P., Bill Beach, Todd, Nicole, Tasha, Leanne, Boz, Michelle, Nancy, Shamus, Sam, Clee, John Dog, The Carlisle Crew, Papa Joe and Trikinia, T.G., Fish, Bryce, Arco, Noha Peacock and Dad, Mike Taylor, Juinor the Dog, Anna C and little Joey, The Berkeley Square, Norm and Debbie, James and Carol Rankin, Cresta and Heather, Allison, Stacy and J.C. Dorbo, Marty, and Jusy Reiner, Lynn Strait, Turner and Ethyl Merman, Micky Thorn, Marci Straw, all the cops at the compound, all the companies that won't sponsor us, and all the people we forgot.

Side 1
Side 2
We're Back We're Pissed
Beautiful Feeling pt. 3
In Your Mind
House Guest
Will To Survive
Rancho Burger
Give It Up
Heavily Sedated
Take Me Home


We're Back We're Pissed - 3:39

Well, the youth is when we started
So the young should listen up
Now is here but the futures up to us.
I've been to hell's high acre where
Self-destruction's going strong.
A place that if it's possible all
That can will sure go wrong.
Will sure go wrong.
Well, a vacations what we wanted,
Although four years was much too long.
And it's your emotions and attitudes that kept us strong.
There's no hippie turncoat incense charm perfection reached
We're back, We're pissed!
We're back, We're pissed.
We're back, We're pissed.
We're back, We're pissed.
We're fucking pissed!
Well, a story will unfold making sense
When it's through of exactly
Who we are and the effect we've had on you.
There's no inhibitions, hidden thoughts,
It slowly will unfold.
Rich kids were here and we ain't leaving 'till we get old.
We ain't living 'till we get old.

Beautiful Feeling pt. 3 - 3:58

Well, it's a feeling so euphoric
Non-stop pleasure slowly creeps from toe to brain.
With my multitude of senses,
Reality has become my only ball and chain.
Well, there's no hippie revelations
Or any cosmic consolations to sustain.
I'm still moving through this fantasy
It's time to place your bets
And gamble with me.
Don't stop!
I'm taking off from here.
Time takes!
Away my petty fears.
Move in my stratosphere
On a ticket straight to where
Ill fate will perforate and disappear
No inhibitions, gliding straight into our fate
The unknown point.
Well, your destiny is in my hands,
Relax and its your mind I will anoint.
Please come with me, no turning back
The time you've spent with us for you are here,
'Cause it's a lesson to be learned by those
Who base their actions solely on their fears
Don't stop!
I'm taking off from here
Time takes!
Away my petty fears
Move in my stratosphere
On a ticket straight to where
Ill fate will perforate and disappear.
Back off!
Unless your on this flight.
No more!
Crude actions out of spite.
Last chance!
To bail out from fright.
Hold tight - you might get air sick at my height.

Countdown Start... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...Launch.

Well, trailing on a blaze of thriving insight
Straight into the unknown void.
Well, I'm watching my reflection be projected
On a piece of celluloid.
Deep in the alleys of my mind
I find a dark shadow of the paranoid.
But I'll come down to see it's only me
And I hold the master-key.

In Your Mind - 2:46

One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!
Well, I'm so tired of your whining,
Yes, I've said this all before,
If you didn't hear the first time here's your chance you get one more.
So listen close to what I say,
It'll change the way you live.
For the second time it's simple - Think Positive!
Take a situation that someone says stinks,
And make it good, it's probably just a shitty way he thinks.
So pack a bowl sit back, relax, and listen real close.
And afterwards we'll raise some hell, get drunk, and drop a dose.
You keep on trying and one day you'll find out what it means, means.
If life's what you make it, make it good,
Its never as bad as it seems, seems.
We're all stuck here together in this twisted misery.
Is life a game a lesson or just one big mighty score,
If so, who's the boss?
Where's the teacher?
What's the score?
Why am I here, what is my job,
What purpose do I serve,
Is there an answer to these questions or a lesson to be learned?
When I die where do I go,
The final act or premiere show,
Is someone there to take my hand and lead the way?
Or am I on my own and now full grown,
Being that my mind is blown.
Supposed to use the answers that I found along the way.
You thought you knew it all but still the answers you couldn't find, find
Until you realize life's what you make it and it's all in your mind, mind
You broke the chains which held you down so long
Now your free!
Well, waited so long for this day to be free,
Breaking the chains that we're binding me.
Don't look so hard, it's easy to find,
Life's what you make it, it's all In Your Mind.
You can't fight depression, its not a disease.
If you say your life sucks then it will suck indeed.
Be happy or sad or whatever you chose,
And I know I can win I'm not destined to lose.

Never quit or give up even if you've had enough
You're not a loser despite what you believe
Try your hardest, do your best,
Life's not hard, but it's a test to see who's blind and naive.
Never done, your on the run, relax and have a little fun.
Let's race and see who falls behind.
It's in my mind!

House Guest - 3:36

Misery overtakes me, no longer am I the boss.
Inferiority grows stronger as happiness gets lost.
Still hanging on, not giving up, there's so many things to save.
As evil creeps into my life, surrendering, I become a slave.
It's a power great and stronger then any which I've seen.
Take away a speck of hope, destroying every dream.
An old, old friend just now, new, returning to the scene.
What's now pathetic, weak, and sad was once a human being.
Don't fall in, your sure to drown,
Stagnates the fastest stream.
Ruins life relationship, makes nightmares of your dreams.
Don't give up, keep on fighting, lock the door, now we begin.
Well, he'll knock, knock, and pound some more, but just please don't let him in.
'Cause it's a power great and stronger then any which I've seen.
Take away a speck of hope, destroying every dream.
An old, old friend just now, new, returning to the scene.
What's now pathetic, weak, and sad was once a human being.
My door I opened, willingly not knowing,
Young blinded and naive.
Not knowing better
Mad I did this, houseguest just won't leave.

Stay ??????? with no regard for those who die.
I'm sure you'll find a way to make his presence justified.
?He's coming close freeway now? taking what he pleases.
???Standing??? and won't ?crush? on his knees/
Your dreams are lost now ????? you won't know what to do/
Just pack your bags and choose ?your route? and close the door behind you.

It's a power great and stronger
Then any which I've seen
Take away a speck of hope, destroying every dream
An old, old friend just now, new, returning to the scene
What's now pathetic weak and sad was once a human being.
My door I opened, willingly not knowing
Young blinded and naive,
Not knowing better,
Mad I did this, houseguest just won't leave.

Will to Survive - 3:14

Millions of memories of good times and bad(?A warm July day? turned to rain)
Until one summer day turned out so sad(why's this lesson filled with pain?)
It was the loss of a lifetime, the loss of my friend(one day here and the next day gone)
Left so many in pain, asking, "Why did it end?"(?Now it's time that we give you song?)
I remember well the day in which you and I first met,
So young and naive, both saw the world as ours to conquer rule then wreck.
Now holding clear forever
All of the time you spent with me
You took me in and made me see what I now see.
You touched my mind!
You touched my heart!
Now growing faster together
Soon we would become the best of friends,
Two joined as one forever brothers up until the bitter end.
The paths we chose so different yet the same,
In each and every way
But then you left with no good-bye,
You just got up and walked away.
It wasn't fair,
You should have said good-bye,
I'll be back right away,
Or that I'm sorry but it's fate,
And I'll see you another day.
I loved you!
Will this loss teach us or when will they learn?(I always wondered if you'd be around)
Will it open the eyes of those next in turn?(disappeared without a sound)
I hope it will teach most of the others to look,(cherish each and every day)
Real hard at their lives and the chances they took(?blind? so easily you slip away)
So many questions, no answers in sight(?A warm July day? turned to rain)
Brought to end quickly one summer night(Why's this lesson filled with pain?)
Why must this lesson be covered in pain(one day here, and the next day gone)
A warm July day suddenly turned into rain!(?Now it's time that we give you song?)
Will Mo!

Rancho Burger - 0:42

No Lyrics

Give it Up - 2:25

Give It Up!
Living my life just for me and today.
Blind to what you show me,
And deaf to what you say.
Followed you and wound up lost.
Still your the one who sits home and rots.
Now it's my turn to talk, so listen up!
Your years of advice and shit,
I've had enough!
Suck what!
Well, I did it my own way
I got put through the test
Never quitting, slowing down, or losing hope
I did my best
You said I'd fail
I said yeah you wanna bet
And now when you look at me
What you see is what you get
I was afraid, I tried to hide who I am deep inside
I didn't know how hard it'd be
Tryin' to be someone else instead of being
Me is the person I live my life for today
Oblivious to you
But see, I like it more that way
Just me myself and I, but definitely not you.
I'll ride this fucker out, I'll live my life,
I'll see it through.
What you see is what you get.
What you see is what you get.
What you see is what you get.
I was afraid, I tried to hide,
Who I am deep inside.
I didn't know how hard it'd be,
Tryin' to be someone else instead...
Of bein' me!

Betrayed - 3:09

Feelings of rejection, no false hopes or misconception,
Just a burning in my head and in my heart.
Promises were made, friendship lost along the way,
A twisted path of lies, deception from the start.
The future lay in your hands with talk of stardom, all your plans,
We had our dreams, high hopes, we trusted you.
But the decisions that you made,
And the staring role you played.
Quickly made us realize what we must do.
And I gave my trust to you,
Got stabbed in the back and left for dead,
Why'd you do the things you do?
With all the lies, deceit, wrong things got said.
Never expected this of you,
Should've known better than to do what I did,
I was blind and you were shrewd.
Had me eating from your hand like a naive little kid
Laid down my guard wound up screwed!
There comes a time in all our lives when quickly we must learn from our mistakes,
Now trusting no one, guard held high,
Second guessing all the chances that he takes.
We all must learn to use the term my friend,
To those deserving of the phrase.
Avoiding the pain and all the rage from knowing
That you've been Betrayed.
Never again will I trust you,
Left for dead knife buried in my back.
I wish I would have knew,
Your sneakiness, plan of attack.
This is what you do.
Lying, cheating, and all that crap,
No chance for number two.
With my guard held high and my wall built strong,
Next time around I'll screw you!
There comes the time in all of our lives
When quickly we must learn from our mistakes.
Not knowing why we made them, just the outcome
And the feelings they create.
Whether it's sadness, loss of trust, death, pain, forgiveness,
love, joy, sex, happiness, or fate,
It's one of these, the biggest one, that I really hate
It's a feeling you get when a trust so deep,
A trust between friends has been broken
And you know you got played, it's that feeling...
You straight up been Betrayed!
Straight up been Betrayed!
There comes the time in every life
When quickly we must learn from our mistakes.
Now trusting no one
Guard held high, second guessing
All the chances that he takes...

Heavily Sedated - 3:08

Due to all your anger, hate and pent up aggression
We must start to fight the next in line, its sure to come depression
Always moving forward never giving in to sure regression
I'll see you here each week so we can start
Your final session, but as you probed my mind
Tell me what you find, and what it means to me
I'm a monster fueled by rage systematically created,
I must be heavily sedated.
Step right in here, son, and we'll get ready to begin
With needles in my arms and electrodes buried in my skin
He said "Sit back, relax and you might feel a slight prick,
And later when you wake you might feel a little sick."
But when I opened my eyes and to my surprise
I wasn't me caught in a bind that I awoke to find...
They stole my mind.
Now passive for the moment,
Was the monster hate created, gagged and bound,
Condition read... Heavily Sedated
Well, they cut me with their knife in hopes of a better life
But it left me so confused, fucked up, and jaded
They said that it must be to soothe the monster inside of me
Now I find myself heavily sedated!
But when I opened my eyes and to my surprise,
I wasn't me caught in a bind that I awoke to find...
They stole my mind!
As I lay calm and passive, no more ?visions? in my head
???? was the bright ?? of the night
They say, with some success, I can live a normal life but,
I'm a monster fueled by rage
I'm a monster fueled by rage
I'm a monster fueled by rage
Systematically created
And now I'm Heavily Sedated.

H.P.C. - 4:56

With all your bullshit talk of peace,
Love the animal rights, and humanity
We'll save the whales, dolphins, owls,
Excuse me, how about you and me?
You've got your head so far up in your ass,
Of course you cannot see.
Well, that your preachin' and your actions are all so contradictory.
Slogan after slogan, thirteen's one more than twelve steps,
When you're cryin' in you're coffee, you're still cryin' none the less
Stop the smut, pot is evil, all you do is rag
Tomorrow's headlines:
"Local Hero Caught In a Peepshow Dressed In Drag"
Dressed in drag!
"Meat Is Murder" written big across your leather jacket,
A boycott oil companies bumper sticker on your rabbit.
Well it's anarchy, fuck the cops
Of course, how else, through peace.
But when the looters come to kick your ass I bet you cry "Police!"
Never plastic, always paper, correct is how we think,
We send the gays to fight for Uncle Sam
We'll dress them all in pink.
In one ear right out the other for what you say,
I have no respect.
Why? Because your Hippy critically Politically Correct.

Uh, What do you mean all you've eaten in the last 4 years is bee pollen?
Yeah, I told you, dude. I'm a veggan. All they eat is bee pollen.
You know how hard those bees have to work for a little bit of pollen?
No, dude. It's, it's good for you.
You can't be a true veggan if you eat bee pollen!

Take Me Home - 10:31

Woke up again just to start another day.
Hopped on my skate and skated to the circle k.
I'm on the road, and I know I won't be going home today
I guess I'll have to stay
Well, it's been twelve years of playing and there's not one do I regret
We broke the camels back and paid our dues in blood and sweat.
I've seen the sunrise, seen it rain, and also watched it set.
Still by far this place sucks the most, the worst that I've seen yet.
Take Me Home!
Stuck on the road!
And once again I won't be going home today.
Well, I don't wanna stay.
Been five days and still the van is broken down.
Well, how much longer are we stuck here in this town?
You got to go!
We need to get our ass back out there on the road.
It's dark and getting cold.
After 20 shows in 20 days and still no problems yet.
Everything was going good, or at least as good as good can get,
My spirits high, my belly's full, can nothing bring me down?
Try ten more days of dwelling in this shit you call a town.
Take me home - It's where I wanna be.
Take me home - It's you I wanna see.
Take me home - Try and find a way.
Take me home!
"Sorry sir, but we still don't have your part."
Said some inbred at the mobile mini mart
He's got to go!
He said it might take up to a half a week or so.
Looks like we'll miss the show.
One more time we're on the road it's as bad as it can get.
But still we keep on coming back, we never will forget.
This is our life, this is our job, it's what we love to do.
But I'm packing up and heading home,
As soon as this tour's through.
Take me home - It's where I wanna be.
Take me home - It's you I wanna see.
Take me home - Try and find a way.
Take me home!